Betsy Gosling Photography


Cuba is one of my favorite places in the world and my cameras are my favorite toys.

And this is the product of those loves.

I have been traveling to Cuba for almost 20 trips and each time discovering new places and meeting new people.   Countries like people are not just beautiful on the outside but on the inside too.  The heart of a country is the same as the heart of its people and in Cuba, it is their heart that makes this little island huge.   

I fell in love with the people and the island on my first trip and in 2015 I started an organization to help the people in Cuba with my knowledge of horses and in 2015, we became a 501 c3.  Please check out our page at CubasHorses.org.  In Cuba, the horse is used in many ways such a transportation of people and goods.   It is the poor man's pickup truck.  After spending nearly 50 years as a horse trainer, I saw many ways to help the horses in Cuba in order to increase their productivity, longevity and happiness.  Of course, the non-profit has also provided me with many more opportunities to photograph the island and its people.